The Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty is the most powerful statement of quality by an automaker yet. It is a first of its kind program to ever be offered. This lifetime plan demonstrates a whole new level of commitment by Chrysler LLC and offers purchasers of new Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep® vehicles a whole new level of ease of mind. And now you may be able to upgrade your Chrysler, Dodge or JeepĀ® vehicle.

Eligible Vehicles

Your vehicle may qualify for a Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty if you are the first registered owner or lessee and it is a 2006, 2007, 2008 or 2009 Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep® vehicle. Subsequent owners, even if they are related parties, are not eligible for this plan.

Excluded Vehicles

While most vehicles are covered, there are some models specifically not eligible for a lifetime plan. These include SRT vehicles, diesel equipped vehicles, Ram Cab/Chassis vehicles, Sprinter vehicles, rental vehicles, and government vehicles. Additionally vehicles used as police vehicles, taxis, limousines, postal delivery vehicles, or ambulances are not covered or eligible for a Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty.

When does coverage begin?

Coverage under an upgrade to a lifetime plan begins once the original Basic Limited Warranty ends.

When does coverage end?

It doesn't, that is until you sell or otherwise transfer ownership of your vehicle.

Covered Components

The Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty covers your vehicles all listed components of your gasoline engine, transmission and driveline, whether it is front wheel, rear wheel, four wheel or all wheel drive.

Required Inspections

No charge inspections of your vehicle are required within 60 days of each 5 year anniversary of the in-service date of the covered vehicle. Be sure to review your plan to determine exactly what is required to keep your lifetime plan in effect.

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