Here's What is covered(1)  Power
Added Care Added Care Plus Max-
imum Care
Engine yes yes yes yes yes  
Transmission yes yes yes yes yes  
Driveline yes yes yes yes yes  
Steering   yes yes yes yes  
Air Conditioning   yes yes yes yes  
Engine Cooling and Fuel     yes yes yes  
Power Group     yes yes yes  
Suspension-Front     yes yes yes  
Suspension-Rear       yes yes  
Electrical     yes yes yes  
Expanded Electrical       yes yes  
Brakes     yes yes yes  
Anti-Lock Brakes       yes yes  
Instrumentation       yes yes  
Luxury Group       yes yes  
Safety and Security         yes  
Approximate Components Covered 300 400 600 800 5000  
Plan Benefits(3)  
$100 Deductible (2) Avail Avail Avail Avail Avail  
$50 Deductible (2)     Avail Avail Avail  
$0 Deductible (2) Avail   Avail Avail Avail  
Car Rental – $35/day $175/occurrence yes yes yes yes yes  
Towing Allowance $100/occ yes yes yes yes yes  
Roadside Assistance - "Sign-And-Go" $100/occ yes yes yes yes yes  
Trip Interruption Protection - $1,000 yes yes yes yes yes  
SmartIDentity – 1 year theft identity protection yes yes   yes yes  
Policy Transfer – Can transfer remaining Protection for small fee yes yes yes yes yes  
Other Plan Options Avail Avail Avail Avail Avail  

Based on the age, mileage and current warranty on your vehicle you can determine which plans you can choose from. Power
Added Care Added Care Plus Max-
imum Care
The following plans are available for your vehicle if -    
It is less than 4 years old with less than 48,000 miles and has:  
An Active Lifetime Powertrain Limited Warranty       LT, ST, LR LT, ST, LR  
An Active 3/36 Basic New Vehicle Warranty LT ST   LT, ST, LR LT, ST, LR  
An Active 5/100 Powertrain Limited Warranty ST     ST ST  
It is a Pre-owned Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep Vehicle and has:  
Has An Active Certified Warranty & less than 100,000 miles   ST+ ST+ ST+ ST+  
Is a 2002 model or newer without an active warranty & less than 125,000 miles (5)   ST+ ST+ ST+ ST+  


Plan Code Descriptions
LT Lifetime
 ST Specified Term Plans, Based on Months and Miles
NEW! ST+ Specified Term Plans, Time Specified 12,000-15,000 Mile and Unlimited Mile Plans available.
LR Lease/Retail Plans 

Additional Features & Benefits Description

$0-$200 Deductible

You pay your Deductible amount for the covered component repairs performed during each visit. The Chrysler Service Contract pays the rest! Other deductible amounts may be available. Ask a trained specialist at 1-888-626-2412 for details.

First Day Rental

Most plans provide a $35 First Day Car Rental Allowance for any covered mechanical repair or maintenance service at a dealership .

Car Rental Allowance

Most plans will pay up to $35 per day ($175 maximum per occurrence) or per above listed or as detailed within the actual contract anytime a covered component fails, causing the vehicle to be both inoperable and require overnight repairs.

$100 Towing / Roadside Assistance

Chrysler Service Contracts may provide 24 hour Towing and Roadside Assistance (up to $100 per occurrence, $50 on certain plans). Benefits include towing, battery jump, flat tire change (with your spare), out-of-gas fuel delivery (2 gal. max.), and lockout service (i.e. locked keys in car or lock frozen).

$1,000 Trip Interruption Protection

Plans indicated will pay up to $1,000 for lodging, meals and car rental expenses if; (1) the vehicle is inoperable due to a failure covered within the service contract or the manufacturer's warranty and (2) the failure occurs greater than 100 miles from home.

Transfer Policy

Service contracts can make your vehicle more valuable when you decide to sell. Any remaining coverage may be transferable to the subsequent vehicle purchaser at the time of vehicle sale. There is a $50 transfer fee option (in most states). Check with our Chrysler Service Contract Specialist as to which part(s) of your plan are transferrable.

(1) Note that this is summarized across broad ranges, actual coverage can be different within plans for different categories of vehicles, such as new or used. Plans are subject to change, always refer to your actual plan/agreement for actual coverage.

(2) Depending on factors not listed here some deductibles may not be available for all vehicles/plans or $200 may be available in certain circumstances

(3) Not all plan benefits available in all circumstance, can depend on State, whether car is used/new or other factors. For example, Towing/Roadside Assistance, SmartIDentity and Trip Interuption features are generally not included with all pre-owned plans

(4) Always check your particular plan as not all plan coverages fit the listed generalized profiles.

(5) New Unlimited Mileage Plans of up to 4 year terms, limit to years of coverage available based upon current mileage.


Upgrade To a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Lifetime Powertraint Warranty