Q: Who stands behind the service contract?
A: Chrysler LLC backs all Chrysler Service Contracts, and pays for covered repairs under the terms of the service contract.
Q: Are Chrysler Service Contracts accepted at all Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep® dealerships?
A: Yes, Chrysler Service Contracts are accepted at any Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep® dealership in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
Q: Are there costs or fees associated with the financing of a service contract?
A: Chrysler Service Contracts does not charge interest or administration fees on payments.
Q: How can I pay for my plan?
A: We can accept payment by check, credit card (VISA, MasterCard and Discover), or Rapid Remit – all with no interest or fees, even on payment plans.
Q: Can coverage under my Chrysler Service Contract  be upgraded?
A: Yes, within specified time frames based upon your vehicle's original purchase, original warranty, etc. Please refer to your current plan or call our specialists at 1-888-626-2405 to determine what we can do for you. In general changes can be made on new car plans during the first 48 months and 48000 miles, and on used or pre-owned vehicles within the first 90 days of the date of purchase of your Chrysler Service Contract.
Q: How can I upgrade or downgrade my plan or my deductible?
A: You can upgrade and downgrade your plan and deductible by calling 1-888-626-2405.
Q: Do Chrysler Service Contracts duplicate coverage I already receive under my original manufacturer's or other Chrysler Service Contract?
A: No. Chrysler Service Contracts do not overlap any manufacturer's warranty coverage. Your new Chrysler Service Contract is intended to extend coverage once your original vehicle warranty expires. Depending on the plan you select, components in addition to the original plan can also be covered. Our plans also cover items that typical manufacturer's warranties do not, such as $1000 Trip Interruption Coverage, to cover the costs of a hotel if you are stranded while on vacation.
Q: Does Chrysler Service Contracts ever use "Like-kind and quality"or Used parts in covered repairs  as some other service contract providers do?
A: No. Chrysler Service Contracts only uses OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts and does not allow the use of "Like-kind and quality" or Used parts for service contract repairs.
Q: What is the length of the service contract?
A: Chrysler Service Contracts offers options with a variety of coverage, and time/mileage terms up to 7-years/100,000-miles for New Vehicles. Pre-Owned vehicle coverage can be extended for vehicles with up to 125,000 miles on 1998 and newer models.
Q: What is covered by my Chrysler Service Contract?
A: That depends on the specific plan you choose, we range from basic plans that extend only the length of time your vehicle is covered (with additional services such as roadside assistance, lockout, etc.) to plans such as Added Care Plus that cover additional key components,  to plans such as Maximum Care that cover virtually every mechanical component.
Q: What is Maximum Care?
A: Maximum Care is a plan for vehicle owners looking for the ultimate peace of mind. Maximum care provides virtually complete mechanical coverage on every major mechanical group and covers more than 5000 components.
Q: What is Added Care Plus?
A: Added Care Plus is our Service Plan that covers selected major components. It covers more than 800 components and can extend your manufacturers warranty by providing coverage to additional components and by extending the time of coverage by covering additional months or miles, depending on the length of the original warranty.
Q: What is Powertrain Care
A: Powertrain Care is a plan that extends the miles and mileage of the original powertrain warranty for vehicles that came with less than a lifetime powertrain warranty. It also adds some conveniences such as roadside assistance.
Q: What is Powertrain Care Plus
A: Powertrain Care Plus is our plan that can not only extend the miles and mileage of the original powertrain warranty, but also adds coverage to additional component groups.
Q: How much will a vehicle service contract cost?
A: The price for a service contract is based upon a several factors such as whether the vehicle was purchased new or used, the length of the original manufacturer warranty, the deductible you choose, etc. Please call 1-888-626-2412 and our trained specialist will help you determine the best coverage for your individual circumstances and needs.
Q: What coverage does Roadside Assistance provide?
A: Your coverage depends on your specific plan. But in general Roadside Assistance provides coverage for towing, flat tire changes (with your spare), battery jumps, out-of-gas assistance, and lock-out assistance up to the amount defined within your coverage.
Q: What do Lifetime plans cover for the life of the vehicle?
A: Lifetime Plans cover mechanical repairs for components covered as listed in your particular plan, but wear items like tires or brakes are not included. Convenience items in a lifetime warranty such as trip interruption benefits, first day of rental, roadside assistance, rental allowance, and towing allowance expire after 7 years or after 100,000 miles.
Q: How many rental days can I get with a Chrysler Service Contract?
A: There is no limit on the total number of rental days covered, there is a maximum of 5 rental days per occurrence covered (max $35/day & $175/occurrence).
Q: If I am not near a factory authorized dealership, will Chrysler cover the repairs at a non-Chrysler dealership?
A: Yes. In most cases you will be close to one of Chrysler's thousands of dealerships. In cases where this is not possible – the plan allows for non-Chrysler dealership repairs if they are pre-authorized. Please contact 1-800-521-9922 to pre-authorize such charges.
Q: Is my Chrysler Service Contract cancellable?
A: Yes. Customers can cancel their contract as we understand that customers may no longer need the plan because the vehicle may be sold or even been in an accident where it has been damaged beyond repair. So as long as the contract has not already been transferred to a new owner, the original purchaser of the contract may cancel the plan. To cancel the plan, please call 1-866-602-7287. The refundable amount, if any, depends on various factors. If its within the first 60 days and there are no claims under the plan, the full amount may be refundable. Otherwise refunds are calculated on a prorated basis based on the date Chrysler Service Contracts receives the notification, taking into consideration the full amount paid by you, mileage and months under the contract, and claims paid. If the contract was financed with the vehicle and we have not been notified that your finance agreement has been satisfied any refunds will be issued using a two party check issued to both the vehicle/contract purchaser and the financial institution.
Chrysler Service Contracts can cancel the contract after issuance if your vehicle has been modified or altered or is otherwise ineligible, your vehicle has not been maintained to the manufacturers specifications, the odometer on your vehicle is inoperative or has been tampered with, or your premium has not been paid.
For full details on cancellations, by either the customer or Chrysler Service Contracts refer to your plan.
Q: How are claims handled?
A: The dealership of your choice can handle your claims. You can go directly to any Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep®  within the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, Canada, Mexico, Guam or Puerto Rico for service. If you are not able to obtain Plan services from Chrysler's authorized dealer, or have other claims questions not answered here, please call 1-800-521-9922 before you authorize any repairs. For issues other than claims, such as upgrading your plan call 1-888-626-2405.
Q: How does my Chrysler Service Contract transfer to a subsequent owner?
A: The ability to transfer your Chrysler Service Contract is a great benefit that may substantially add to the value of your vehicle by reducing the uncertainty someone may have buying a car they do not know. You can transfer your active Chrysler Service Contract coverage to the first subsequent new owner only once. It must be transferred within 60 days of the date of sale and there is a transfer fee of $50 in most states.
(*)Terms for transferring an original factory warranty can be different. This plan does not change the terms of the original warranty, it extends coverage. We recommend you read and understand the transfer provisions, as well as all other provisions, of your original warranty.
A transfer form can be found with your Chrysler Service Contract, we recommend taking it to your Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep® dealer for assistance with the transfer(s). You may also send your completed transfer form signed by the original plan purchaser to Chrysler Service Contracts, but it must be received by Chrysler Service Contracts within 60(*) days of the ownership change date. If mailing the transfer form, it should be sent to:

Chrysler Service Contracts
Transfer Department
P.O. Box 2700
Troy, Michigan 48007-2700

Before transferring your Financed Chrysler Service Contracts, it needs to be paid in full.

Q: How do I update the address on my Service Contract?
A: Contact us at 1-888-626-2405, and we'll help you take care of the change. Or you can send your request for change along with supporting documentation to:

Chrysler Service Contracts
Administrative Services Department
P.O. Box 2700
Troy, Michigan 48007-2700

Q: How do I receive reimbursement for a service or repair covered by my Chrysler Service Contract?
A: The Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep® dealership performing the covered repair will bill Chrysler Service Contracts directly, and you will only need to pay your deductible (if applicable). However, under certain circumstances – but only if authorized prior to the repair by Chrysler Service Contracts – your repair performed at a facility other than a  Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep® dealership may be covered. To receive reimbursement in these circumstances your previously authorized claim must be received by Chrysler Service Contracts within 60 days of the covered service or repair. Call 1-800-521-9922 for this type of pre-authorizations.
Q: What do I need to include with my reimbursement request?
A: Any request for reimbursement should include a brief explanation of the request, your name and address, and the original payment receipt and repair invoice. The paid repair invoice must include the  Chrysler Service Contracts' pre-authorization number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), vehicle odometer reading at the time of service or repair, a description of the service or repair with detailed labor and parts costs. We will not return any documents to you so keep a copy of everything sent for your own records. Reimbursement requests should be sent to:

Chrysler Service Contracts
Claims Department
P.O. Box 2700
Troy, Michigan 48007-2700

Q: How do I request reimbursement for a rental vehicle?
A: If you incur the rental charges while your vehicle is being repaired under the terms of your Service Contract, please send a reimbursement request including, 1) a legible copy of the paid repair bill showing the repairs performed, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and/or Service Contract number, 2) the original receipt of the paid vehicle rental bill from a licensed rental agency, which should include customer name and address, the detail of all charges for the rental vehicle, dates the car was received and returned. Remember, if covered under your plan, the reimbursement is limited to $35 per day and $175 per occurrence. Reimbursement requests for rental reimbursements should be sent to:

Chrysler Service Contracts
Claims Department
P.O. Box 2700
Troy, Michigan 48007-2700

Q: How do I receive reimbursement for a Roadside Assistance?
A: If your Service Contract is one of our many plans that include Roadside Assistance, remember that all services falling under the category of Roadside Assistance should be arranged at the time of occurrence by calling Chrysler Roadside Assistance at 1-800-521-2779. On your request for reimbursement, include, a valid original receipt for the service(s), the authorization number from Chrysler Roadside Assistance, and your Chrysler Service Contract number. Mail requests to:

Chrysler Roadside Assistance
Claims Department
P.O. Box 9145
Medford, MA 02155

Q: How do I receive reimbursement for covered Tire Repair or Replacement?
A: : If the Service Contract plan you purchased is one of Chrysler Service Contracts many plans that include coverage for Road Hazard Tire Protection or Road Hazard Tire and Wheel Protection, please remember to call 1-800-521-2779 to arrange all services at the time of occurrence with Chrysler Road Hazard Tire Protection. On your request for reimbursement include the authorization number from Chrysler Road Hazard Tire Protection, the original receipt for services provided, and your Chrysler Service Contract number. Mail requests to:

Claims Department
Chrysler Road Hazard Tire Protection
PO Box No 9145
Medford, MA 02155

Q: How do I inquire about the status of a claim I've already submitted for reimbursement?
A: Normal reimbursement request processing time is 60 days. If you have not received a response within 60 days, you can check on your claims status by contacting the appropriate customer assistance centers. For Repairs or Rental Reimbursement Requests call 1-800-521-9922. For Chrysler Roadside Assistance or Chrysler Road Hazard Tire Protection Reimbursement Requests call 1-800-521-2779.
Q: How do I receive vehicle service under my Chrysler Service Contract?
A: Vehicle service will be provided at any authorized Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep® dealer within the United States, Canada or Mexico.
Q: Where should I take my vehicle for service?
A: When your vehicle requires service take it to any Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep® dealer. If your coverage is for a vehicle not manufactured by Chrysler LLC, a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep® dealer may still be able to help you. If you go to a dealership other than Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep® remember that it is your responsibility to contact our office or make sure that the non Chrysler LLC dealer representative contacts our office in order to obtain authorization prior to any repairs being started. Contact us for pre-authorization at 1-800-521-9922.
Q: Do I have to pay a deductible for repairs covered under my Chrysler Service Contract?
A: It depends. Yes – if your plan requires a deductible for covered repairs, and most do. However, you pay only the plan deductible for covered repairs performed during each repair visit.  In addition to the deductible amount, you will also be responsible for any applicable state or local taxes. No – if your plan is an upgraded plan that has a zero deductible. If you would like to upgrade your plan to eliminate your deductible, please call us at 1-888-626-2405.
Q: What are my responsibilities under the terms of my Chrysler Service Contract?
A: Your responsibilities are to make payments per the agreement, schedule service per your plan terms,  and to operate, care for and maintain your vehicle properly per the manufacturer's specifications. To help resolve any confusion as to whether maintenance services were performed as specified, be sure to keep all receipts that relate to the operation, care and maintenance of your vehicle.
Q: What should I do if I haven't received my plan invoice?
A: You are still responsible for any payments per the plan agreement even if you haven't received your  invoice, please contact the number listed in the plan and send your payment to the address listed in the plan.
Q: How can I get a rental vehicle per my plan?
A: Rental vehicles should be obtained from an Authorized Dealer or a Licensed Rental Agency. Rental coverage is subject to state and local laws, and the policies imposed by the rental agency. Chrysler Service Contracts is not responsible for any refusal by a rental agency to rent a vehicle to you.
Q: I have a question that I cannot find listed here, whom can I contact for more information?
A: Please contact our Chrysler Service Contract Experts at 1-888-626-2412.
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